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What Factors Determine My Dental Implant Cost?

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Dental implant treatment plans
custom tailored to your needs.

You Can Have a Permanent Tooth Replacement for Life

You may be concerned about the cost of dental implants when comparing them to other restorative options, including dentures and dental bridges. If you are willing to invest in your teeth long-term, dental implants have many advantages that other options just don’t. As restorations for missing teeth, dental implants have earned the “gold standard” title for the permanent health, functional, and aesthetic improvements they provide. Unlike other options, dental implants are the only tooth replacement that address issues of bone loss, eating and chewing difficulty, speech, and overall facial aesthetics. When successfully placed and restored by specialists in their field, you can expect your implant investment to last you the rest of your life.

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Streamlined Treatment, Optimum Results

Our experienced team includes an on-staff oral surgeon, who is specially trained to surgically place dental implants, and cosmetic dentists skilled in restoring them. As a team, we work together to create a streamlined and comprehensive treatment process and complete all procedures in the comfort and convenience of our Van Nuys, CA office! We are able to offer skilled and personalized care through every step of your process, streamlining treatments and ensuring optimum clinical outcomes for each of our patients. Dental implant cost covers many factors that are determined on a case-by-case basis as each of our patient’s oral conditions is unique and requires custom treatment.

Why Choose Full Arch Dental Implants?

  • Severity of case
  • Type of materials

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