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A New Smile Custom-Designed Just for You

Have you ever wanted a flawless smile without having to go through multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures or years of wearing metal braces to straighten your teeth? We offer Snap-On Smile®, a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry solution that can give you an instantly beautiful smile by hiding a variety of cosmetic dental issues. Snap-on Smile is similar to a custom retainer that actually “snaps” on over your gapped, stained, misaligned, or missing teeth, giving the appearance of a straight, white smile! With Snap-On Smile, you can enjoy the confidence of a beautifully natural smile custom designed just for you. If you are dissatisfied with the cosmetic appearance of your smile, schedule an appointment at our Van Nuys, CA office and see if Snap-On Smile is right for you!

Why Choose Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile is often a good solution for patients who may not be candidates for other cosmetic dentistry options, such as dentures, veneers , crowns, or bridges. This solution is also non-invasive, not requiring the natural teeth to be removed or altered in any way, providing a painless and removable option that looks beautiful when being worn. Snap-On Smile is also made from highly durable materials that are strong enough to allow you to eat without needing to take the appliance out. Along with being easy to care for and affordable, they give patients the option to choose exactly how they want their smile to appear. This means, in as little as two appointments with us, you can receive the flawless smile of your dreams! Ideal candidates for Snap-On Smile include:

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Ideal candidates for Snap-On Smile include:

  • Crooked or misshapen teeth
  • Permanently discolored teeth
  • Gapped or spaced teeth
  • Missing teeth

The Snap-On Smile Process

We invite all our patients interested in Snap-On Smile to receive a consultation so we can determine if this is the best cosmetic dentistry solution for your smile goals and oral condition. If you are a good candidate for Snap-On Smile, we help you choose the shape and whiteness of the new teeth and take impressions of your teeth that are used to design your new smile. This design process is completed at our partner dental lab and may take up to two weeks. Once your Snap-On Smile is ready, you will return to our office where we make final adjustments and then let you snap on your new smile!

Interested in seeing if you are a candidate for Snap-On Smile?


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