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How long will my dental implant last?

Can Dental Implants Really Fail?

Dental implants are one of the most permanent and health-benefiting tooth restoration solutions in dentistry today. Unfortunately, dental implants are not immune to problems and are at a greater risk of failing when influenced by certain factors such as systemic diseases, poor oral hygiene, tobacco use and smoking, and bruxism. The most common reason for failing dental implants is peri-implantitis, characterized by inflammation of the gums and loss of bone around the dental implant post, that can eventually result in severe jaw bone loss and failing dental implants. Peri-implantitis and its effects can be prevented or caught early if routine follow-up appointments are completed. At our multi-specialty Van Nuys, CA practice, we place implants, monitor their healing process, and perform all subsequent checkups all in the same local location. Both convenient and comfortable for our patients, care from our oral surgeon and dental team greatly reduces the risk for failing dental implants and preserves their health and function long-term.

Treating Failing Dental Implants

The beginning stage of peri-implantitis, peri-implant mucositis, can be treated by removing all traces of bacteria buildup at the site. For the more advanced stage of peri-implantitis, we perform more complex surgical treatment in order to save the dental implant. This treatment involves a thorough cleaning and sanitation of the area under the gum line, along with removal of any inflamed or diseased gum tissue. If bone loss has occurred around the implant, bone grafting can restore stability to the dental implant post. Post-surgical care may require more frequent maintenance visits to ensure the condition does not return or worsen.

Comprehensive, Effective
Surgical Treatment

Signs and symptoms of peri-implantitis in its earliest stage may be subtle, and require an experienced eye to detect these signs before substantial damage occurs. Along with educating you on the treatment process, we will also provide insight into why these symptoms might be occurring so that measures can be taken to help ensure that the condition does not return in the future. Our skilled oral surgeon is experienced in the surgical aspects of dental implants, along with effectively and comprehensively treating complications such as peri-implantitis. For our implant patients, we provide the high-quality surgical care characteristic of large implant centers and the personalized, comprehensive follow-up care only a local practice can bring. If you are experiencing the early stages of peri-implantitis, schedule your appointment with us today!

Symptoms of peri-implantitis can include:

  • Red, inflamed gum tissue
  • Deep pockets around implants
  • Bleeding, tender gums
  • Exposure of implant post
  • Bone loss at the site
  • Loosening of the implant
  • Presence of pus
  • Gum recession

Dental implants are an investment—keep them from failing with peri-implantitis treatment!


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