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818. Dentist

The 818.Dentist

Our amazing staff is the backbone of 818.Dentist. Whether it be supporting Dr. Mirzoyan, answering any questions you may have, or giving you warm smiles and happy hugs, our team ensures you experience nothing less than a stellar experience. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you and your family!


My name is Antonio “Tony,” and I am a Registered Dental Assistant at 818.DENTIST.  I graduated from American Career College and have been working in the dental field for over 12 years.  I have been practicing as an RDA for over 7 years in California.  My main focus is to make sure my patients are at ease when at the dental office.  I work very hard to make sure each patient is provided with the best quality care and service.  I also love to work with children of all ages and really help them with the stigma of being in a dental chair.  I am constantly training every year in search of new ways to make sure all of my patients are having an amazing experience.  So rest assured if you come in contact with me, you are in great hands. ( I speak English and Spanish)

818. Dentist
818. Dentist


I am glad to have the opportunity to work at 818.DENTIST.  My name is Eduardo J. M. and I am a Dental Assistant.  I have been working as an assistant for the past 13 years and I really enjoy what I do.  I take great pride in educating each patient about the basics of dentistry and why it is important to complete their treatment. I like helping anxious patients at our clinic, as helping them overcome their fear is priceless. I am very personable and would like to help guide you through your journey at 818.DENTIST. ( I speak English and Spanish)


My name is Anna Arutunyan and I have been working at 818.Dentist for about 6 months. I am currently a Psychology major at CalState University Northridge and am pursuing a career in the medical field. Being a part of the 818.Dentist team has strengthened my interpersonal skills and has bettered my understanding for the Doctor-patient relationship. I love interacting with patients and creating calm, comforting and ensuring environment for a patient prior to being seen by the Doctor as a front desk. I have great communication and organizational skills and love being part of the 818.Dentist family. Most probably I will be the one to greet you with a smile. ( I speak English and Armenian)

818. Dentist
818. Dentist
818. Dentist


I am Rafael M. and feel very passionate about the field of dentistry. I am a licensed dentist from Armenia working as a dental assistant at 818.Dentist.  I began my journey here at 818.DENTIST about two years ago.  My number one goal here is to build trust with each patient and help alleviate any unnecessary stress due to their dental procedure. I really enjoy greeting the patients and establishing a good relationship to assure they become a part of our dental family.  Each patient is unique in their own way and I make sure I build an open communication to honestly discuss what is needed and how we can help.   Please feel free to say hello when visiting our office.  ( I speak English, Armenian and Russian)


My name is Teresa V. and I enjoy working with my patients and helping them achieve all their dental needs.  My primary job is to answer all questions relating to insurance or finances.  I take the time to sit down with each patient and educate them on their plan and coverage.  In addition, my responsibility is to make the patient understands their treatment plan prior to getting any work done.  Please make sure to see me with any insurance or treatment questions.

818. Dentist
818. Dentist

Edgar N.

My name is Edgar N. and I am a registered dental assistant at 818.DENTIST. I enjoy working at our clinic as it is interesting and different every day. I am a punctual individual who takes his career seriously. I am a very detail oriented person and that helps me a lot at my professional career. I provide all our patients with the highest quality of service and treat them all like family. I am soon to become a dental hygienist which will allow me to work even closer with each patient. I look forward to working with you all.

Daniel T.

They call me Danny and I am a Dental Assistant. I joined to hone my skills and advance in the field of dentistry. All my coworkers and staff are great individuals one can look up to and learn from. My primary goal at the office is to assure the cleanliness of the dental operatories. I love the positive energy and excellent customer service. I now understand the true meaning of patient centered clinic after working here. I invite you to come and feel it for yourself.

818. Dentist
818. Dentist


My name is Stella and I am the patient coordinator at 818.DENTIST. I do my very best to make sure each patient has a positive and welcoming experience at the office. Let’s face it, the dental office isn’t a place most individuals enjoy attending, so my job is to make sure I make it as pleasant as possible.  I assist the patients with the initial questionnaire, walk them to their operatories and get them a blanket when they are cold.  I even call in their medications to their pharmacy prior to them starting treatment.   I offer great service because our patients deserve it and it is a small way of saying we care and we are here to help.  I believe it’s important to take care of our patients and make sure they feel at ease and happy before and after their treatment. Remember, if you want highest quality of service, please visit our dental clinic.  I promise to take care of you like family with a big smile.

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