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Merging Natural Beauty with Long-Term Stability

Experience a More Secure Smile

Many reasons drive our patients with missing teeth to choose implant supported solutions over their traditional removable dentures, but one of the most common is the permanent security dental implants provide. Implant supported dentures are stabilized in the jaw bone with two or more implants, so you can freely live a confident, social life knowing that your dentures will never loosen, slip, or fall out when you eat, talk, and laugh! Utilizing either your existing denture or a new prosthesis, we custom design your new smile to the most ideal aesthetics for each of our patients with high-quality and durable materials proven to last for the long-term. If you’ve ever felt discouraged or embarrassed about dealing with the limitations of removable dentures, partner with our team of multi-specialists to transform your smile and life!

Our oral surgeon and dental team are trained specifically in surgical placement of dental implants, and we are skilled in bone grafting procedures and tooth extractions. We also utilize state-of-the-art dental technology, including cone beam CT diagnostics and surgical guides, to streamline treatment, ensure accuracy during surgery, and increase the predictability of treatment outcomes. With our implant supported dentures, you can experience a more secure smile—one that can last for many years to come!

How Do Implant Supported Dentures Work?

Implant supported dentures are placed in the jaw bone, drawing from it its strength and support just as natural teeth do. This is vital to both preserving the integrity and volume of the jaw bone and creating the strength and stability needed for proper biting and chewing. Implant supported dentures can either be fixed in place or removable for cleaning, depending on your needs and preferences, but are always snapped securely to the dental implants when in use. You can expect implant supported dentures to improve your ability to speak clearly, allow you to taste and eat more of the foods you love, and feel more confident smiling and interacting with others. If you are interested in learning more about your options for restoring missing teeth, schedule a consultation at our Van Nuys, CA office today!

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Why Choose Implant Supported Dentures?

  • Confidently show off a naturally beautiful smile
  • Bite and chew your favorite foods without fear
  • Eliminate all messy pastes
    and adhesives
  • Talk, laugh, and eat
    with total confidence
  • Enjoy easy at-home oral care
    and maintenance

The Proof Is
In Our Patients

Are you ready for a brand new, secure smile?


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