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Reinforcing Positive Dental Experiences from Day One

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When Should I Take My Baby to the Dentist?

Preventing Problems, Promoting Health

We welcome all children age three and up to our office for pediatric dentistry appointments and strive to create a fun and educational atmosphere for our young patients and their parents. Receiving comprehensive oral care beginning at a young age helps prevent oral health issues like cavities and can help reinforce positive dental experiences from day one. Pediatric dental visits also monitor the growth and development of your child’s facial and oral structures, which aids in future dental and orthodontic care. Along with encouraging your child to actively participate in their oral care, pediatric dentistry visits at our Van Nuys, CA office are important for both you and your child since we help inform and instruct both of you on good at-home oral hygiene and ways to help prevent tooth decay. Under the care of our pediatric dentist, we will help your child develop their own good habits to safeguard their smile for years to come!

Preventive Dental Care Lowers Risk

Teeth whitening in our office gives patients the opportunity to gain brighter smiles with professional-grade products. Unlike over-the-counter brands, professional teeth whitening gels are stronger and longer lasting, whitening tough stains or discoloration and helping you save both time and money in the long term. With custom trays, it is easier to control where the gel is positioned on the teeth, reducing the risk for gum sensitivity. Professional is also more comfortable and convenient for patients. With our treatment, you can have white teeth in one appointment instead of 2-3 weeks!

Trauma Care for Infants and Young Children

Unfortunately, dental trauma can happen at any age, and children are commonly susceptible to a wide range of accidents. We see children of any age (including those under the age of three) if they have experienced any sort of accident or trauma, including injuries to the jaw, mouth, or teeth. If your child is experiencing a dental emergency, such as a cracked, chipped, or dislodged tooth, they will most likely be frightened if there is any bleeding, pain, or sensitivity to the area. Remain calm and assure them that you are there to help. Call our office immediately, and we will do our best to make a same-day appointment for your child!

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Benefits of Children’s Dentistry

  • Maintaining a clean, healthy mouth
  • Establishing good oral health habits
  • Easing dental fear and anxiety
  • Preventing or avoiding tooth decay
  • Ensuring healthy tooth development

Help your child avoid oral health problems with preventive pediatric dentistry!


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