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Enjoying Food and Drink Right After Full Arch Dental Implant Surgery

It’ll take a few days for the swelling and discomfort to pass, after having full arch dental implants placed. And for weeks still, your dental implants likely won’t have healed enough to support eat tough, chewy, fibrous food. While your diet may be limited until your dental implants heal, you can still enjoy good food in the interim. Take a look at these ideas for enjoying food right after having full arch dental implants placed in Lake Balboa, CA and Van Nuys, CA.

The Liquid Diet (1.5 to 2 Weeks)

Your liquid diet should begin as soon as you get home from surgery, especially if you had to fast in order to receive IV sedation or general anesthesia for your surgery. You’ll need to stick to a liquid diet for at least ten days, or as long as two weeks.

These are a few tips for actually enjoying the foods you consume while on your liquid diet:

·         Blend yogurt smoothies and mix protein into milkshakes for a filling, enjoyable meal.

·         Cook hearty soups and then puree them for easy consumption

·         Try to puree several components of your meal, instead of blending all components into one drink. This will give you a variety in flavor profiles

Progressing to Soft Foods (After)

After those first few weeks, your dietary choices will open up a bit more and you won’t be limited to things you can puree.

Take a look at these ideas for enjoying soft foods after transitioning from our liquid diet:

·         Sandwiches with soft breads that aren’t tough or chewy

·         Mix soft fruits into yogurt

·         Enjoy baked or mashed potatoes, elevated with light cheese and seasonings

·         Bake or broil fish until it’s flaky and delicate

·         Eat hearty pasta dishes once again, making sure the pasta is cooked beyond al dente

·         Feast on hearty, savory casseroles that have been cooked until the meat and vegetables are soft and tender

More on Full Arch Dental Implants in Lake Balboa, CA

Take time now to schedule an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about your options for getting full arch dental implants in Lake Balboa, CA.

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