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How Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile

When many people think of dental implants, it can be hard for them to think of anything else other than the promise of restored function. They think about eating their favorite foods again, enjoying food without having to cut it into tiny pieces and consuming food with the fear of embarrassment that can come from dentures sliding out of place. However, the benefits of dental implants don’t end with restored function. They can also dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Take a look at how dental implants can restore your smile.

Jaw Structure

One of the top functions of the jawbone is supporting teeth. When teeth are healthy, they stimulate the jawbones each time you use your teeth to bite and chew. When teeth are lost, the jawbones lose the stimulation and begin to deteriorate. This deterioration can cause the cheeks to sink in, cause the face to look gaunt and make your smile look thin.

Because dental implants act like natural teeth, with their titanium roots implanted into the jawbone, your face and smile will look fuller. Stimulation from the dental implants can encourage the regeneration of bone and roll back the clock on your smile.

If you’ve suffered severe bone loss in your jawbone, you may require a bone graft procedure in order to reliably support dental implants.

Realistic Teeth

Along with a fuller-looking smile, dental implants also look like and work like natural teeth – especially compared to conventional dentures. While conventional dentures can give away the illusion when they slip out place, your dental implants will hold your replacement teeth firmly in place. The teeth themselves will be made of life-like porcelain or zirconia, which look just like natural teeth – they are also stain-resistant, so it’ll be easier to maintain a bright white smile.

More on Dental Implants in North Hills, CA

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