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How to Get Straight Teeth Without Braces or Invisalign

For some people, it’s a fear of attracting attention with braces. Other people put up with crooked teeth because they don’t feel ready to commit to an orthodontic treatment plan that could span a year or two. For others, still, it’s a mix of both. For those who simply aren’t ready to straighten their teeth with braces, for one reason or another, there’s a cosmetic solution that serves as a powerful alternative: porcelain veneers. Take a look at how porcelain veneers can enhance your smile in just a visit or two to the dentist’s office.

How Veneers Correct Misaligned Teeth

For mild to moderate cases of tooth misalignment, veneers can be used to make crooked teeth look perfectly straight. More severe cases can be improved, but will likely still look misaligned to a degree.

Veneers make teeth appear straighter by adding surface area to the teeth. They’re made of thin sheets of tooth-colored material, typically porcelain, and are bonded to the visible surfaces of teeth. They’re customized to fit each tooth they’ll be applied to and are shaded to blend in with teeth that won’t be covered by veneers.

Other Uses for Veneers

Alignment issues aren’t the only problems veneers can hide. Here’s a look at some of the other issues veneers can cover:

  • Discoloration – stained teeth can be hidden by natural-looking veneers
  • Chips and cracks – minor to moderate chips and cracks can be hidden behind veneers. Moderate to severe chips and cracks are more likely to need restorative treatment in addition to cosmetic dentistry.
  • Gaps – veneers can help teeth appear closer than they actually are, helping hide gaps between teeth.

It’s important to keep in mind that veneers are only a cosmetic solution. Restorative care may be needed before you’re ready to move onto cosmetic care.

Cosmetic Dentist in Van Nuys, CA

Take a moment to reserve an appointment with a local cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, AZ to learn more about your options for getting porcelain veneers, braces, invisible aligners and more.

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