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Is IV Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Oftentimes, people confuse IV sedation with general anesthesia. Though similar, there are some clear distinctions between the two. One of the biggest: IV sedation is safer than general anesthesia, in general. But does that mean that IV sedation is safe? How safe is it, exactly? Take a look at why you shouldn’t be afraid of IV sedation and learn how it can take the fear out of your next appointment.

Differences Between IV Sedation and General Anesthesia

The biggest difference between IV sedation and general anesthesia is how deeply the later sedates you than the former. With General anesthesia, you’ll be completely unconscious when the medication takes effect. You may fall asleep with IV sedation, but it’s more likely you’ll remain conscious – which is why IV sedation is sometimes referred to as “conscious sedation.”

The danger with general anesthesia is that it makes the patient sleep until the anesthesia wears off. Shaking, prodding or speaking to the patient won’t rouse them. The medical staff simply monitors the patient’s condition and waits for the anesthesia to wear off.
Even if you do happen to dose off with IV sedation, it’ll be easy for anyone to awaken you.

Risks of IV Sedation

The biggest risks of IV sedation are the same for all forms of sedation. Because sedation relaxes the body, there’s a risk that it could depress the respiratory systems. But keep in mind that you’ll be monitored the entire time. And among sedation options, IV sedation is one of the most predictable. Your dental staff will know exactly how much of a sedative you’ve been given and will monitor your status in real-time.

Serious complications are rare. Side effects are much more common:

·         Feelings of sleepiness, heaviness

·         Slowed response times

·         Short term memory loss

·         Low blood pressure

More on IV Sedation Dentistry in Van Nuys, CA

Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about your options for IV sedation dentistry in Van Nuys, CA. 

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