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Tooth Extractions and Dental Implants: Pulling Teeth to Place Teeth

Losing a permanent tooth can be distressing, a feeling that snowballs as more teeth follow. So it can be difficult for some dental implant candidates to let go of the few remaining teeth they have in order to get a full set of dental implants and replacement teeth. Your doctor’s recommendation or whether to pull or work with any remaining natural teeth will depend heavily on each tooth left.

Find out what considerations your dentist may raise about tooth extractions for dental implants and take a look at some of the reasons you might want to preserve remaining natural teeth.

Why You Should Let Go of Natural Teeth

When a tooth is lost, it can also trigger the loss of bone in the area of the jawbone where the tooth was once rooted. Your dentist will look at the jawbone under any remaining natural teeth to gauge whether the teeth will last you the rest of your life or fail on you. If the bone under your remaining teeth is deteriorating, your dentist will strongly recommend replacing them with dental implants.

Benefits of Removing Teeth to Prepare for Dental Implants

Removing failing teeth gives your oral surgeon the ability to make you a stronger candidate for dental implants. If you have been experiencing bone loss in the jawbone – due to aging, chronic health issues, tooth loss or gum disease – your dentist can graft bone material to help fortify your jawbone for dental implants.

Reasons You Might Want to Preserve Remaining Teeth

If you’ve got solid jawbone supporting your remaining natural teeth, you may feel more compelled in wanting to save those remaining teeth. Your oral surgeon and team can work with your situation to help incorporate your remaining natural teeth into your dental implant journey. Because ultimately, your dental implant journey is about your happiness.

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Take a moment to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about dental implants and tooth extractions in Van Nuys, CA.

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