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Top Four Things to Check Before Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

We retain much more in our younger years, so it makes sense to build good habits when we’re young. Pediatric dentistry offers a way to start your children out with strong dental practice that can help them keep their teeth healthier and keep them longer. Introducing your child to a dentist at an early age also helps get comfortable in a dental setting and helps them avoid dental anxieties. Check out these reasons and more to find out the top things you need to cover before choosing a pediatric dentist.

One: Licensed and Certified

Start with the obvious. Make sure your prospective pediatric dentist is fully licensed and certified by the American Dental Association. In addition, you’ll also want to ensure that your prospective dentist has obtained additional training in a pediatric specialty.

Two: Child-Friendly Environment

Inspect the office. Look for signs that your child will be comfortable during appointments with the pediatric dentist. Look for bright colors and delightful distractions for your child: children’s programming, toys, video games, imaginative decorations and more.

Look at other child patients in the office to get an idea of the type of care your child will receive.

Three: Preventive Care

Be sure to check out the treatments offered and to ask questions about the preventive care the dental office offers and advocates. At this stage, you and your child have an invaluable opportunity to catch problems before they balloon and to build strong habits for keeping their teeth healthy.

Four: Convenience

Make sure your prospective pediatric dentist’s office is convenient to ensure that care isn’t compromised by inconvenience. Beyond location, be sure to check the hours of operations and to ask about how flexible the office is setting appointments.

Talk with a Pediatric Dentist in Van Nuys, CA

Take a moment to schedule a consultation with a local pediatric dentist in Van Nuys, CA to learn more about how introducing your child to the dentist early on can set your child up for long-term success in their dental care.

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