What Dental Technologies Could Improve My Experience at the Dentist’s Office

As dentistry continues to evolve, many of the tools and techniques we grew up with have either been improved or replaced by more efficient, less-invasive treatment option. Unless you run into a dental office that’s living in the past, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at the new technologies available to make your dental experience comfortable and efficient. Check out some of the dental technologies that might make your next dental appointment much more pleasant than you may have initially anticipated.

Dental Lasers

They have various use cases in a dental setting, but one of the more popular applications of dental lasers is as an alternative to scalpels. To treat receding gums, for example, a scalpel would be used to carefully trim away decaying gum tissue while leaving healthy tissue behind. To treat this same case, a dental laser can do so more efficiently – with much less bleeding and much less discomfort. Dental laser can also be used to cauterize, essentially sealing incisions to stop or minimize bleeding.

Intraoral Camera

It’s important to trust your dental staff. A great tool for building that trust is an intraoral camera. This tiny camera can be inserted into a patient’s mouth to give the dentist a closer look at your situation. But more than that, these cameras allow dental staff to share what they’re seeing with you.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors

Healing after oral surgery can take weeks, months even. However, there’s a way to minimize the healing period: plasma rich growth factors. The idea behind plasma rich growth factors is to leverage more of healing proteins in a patient’s own blood to accelerate the healing process naturally. After the proteins are extracted from the plasma, the plasma rich growth factors are placed in the area that needs expedited healing.

Dental Implants

They function like natural teeth, by design. Dental implants are tiny screw-like components that are embedded in the jawbones, where they’ll serve as anchors for replacement teeth once the implants have healed. During the healing process, the implants fuse with the jawbone to provide a reliable foundation for restorations for everything from single crowns for single-tooth replacement to specialized dentures to replace a full set of teeth.

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