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What to Expect After Having Full Arch Dental Implants Placed

It’ll take months to finally reach the day of your implant placement surgery. However, finally having your full arch dental implants placed isn’t the end of your journey. It’ll take months more for your dental implants to fully heal and their titanium roots to fully fuse with your jawbone. So in the days following placement, you’ll have to put extra care into your oral health to help ensure long-term success with your new teeth. These are some of the things your doctor will ask you to do after getting full arch dental implants in Lake Balboa, CA and Van Nuys, CA.

The Procedure

As you near the actual procedure, you’ll receive one last CT scan just to make sure that everything still looks good. During the same appointment, you’ll receive any supporting surgeries you may need – things like a tooth extraction to make way for the implants.

At the start of the procedure, you’ll be given a dose of a local anesthetic that will numb the implant sites. With the anesthesia active, you will feel no discomfort during implant placement. You won’t feel anything more than a mild amount of pressure as your dentist works.

The procedure itself is relatively quick. Your dentist will access the bone underneath your gums and then use a custom surgical guide. The guide will help your dentist quickly bore pilot holes into the jawbone and insert the titanium implant posts into the jawbone.

At the end of the procedure, you’ll be given a temporary restoration such a set of provisional dentures.


During the first few days after surgery, you’ll experience a bit of tenderness and inflammation at the implant sites. These are some of the things your dentist will instruct you to do to comfortably get through those first few days:

·         Take painkillers as directed

·         Keep your head elevated to help the implant sites clot

·         Avoid drinking through a straw, which could dislodge a clot

·         Ice the swollen area in 10- to 15-minute intervals

·         Get plenty of sleep to help expedite healing

More on Full Arch Dental Implants in Lake Balboa, CA

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