Why People Who Need Dentures Shouldn’t Delay

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There’s still this stigma that dentures just can’t seem to shake. If you’ve heard all of the common complaints about dentures, as most people have, then you’re probably a bit hesitant to get them if you need them. And with the success stories about dental implants continuing to swell, it can be easy to put off dentures or to look beyond them for something else.

Whether you plan to get dental implants soon or you haven’t considered them at all, there are some good reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate the value conventional dentures can deliver to those with missing or failing teeth. Take a look at some of the top reasons you shouldn’t overlook dentures.

Restored or Improved Function

Living life missing most or all of your teeth can eat away at your quality of life by limiting the things you can eat and making it harder to feel confident in smiling. Though far from perfect, dentures solve both issues. With dentures, you’ll regain or gain improved biting and chewing function, and you’ll likely get a confidence boost from again having a full smile.

A Healthier Mouth

Holding on to failing, decaying teeth can make it increasingly more difficult to keep up with your oral hygiene. Decaying teeth are incubators for bacteria and the onslaught of gum disease won’t stop as long as bacteria still have safe harbor in failing teeth.

If you’re holding on to failing teeth, your dentist or prosthodontics will almost certainly recommend upgrading to dental implants and going with dentures at a minimum.

They’re Affordable

There’s no contest. Dental implants are the top option for replacing missing or failing teeth. Yet, dentures are the next best thing. And what they may lack in stability at times, they make up in affordability.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. For those who aren’t, there’s no better option than conventional dentures.

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