For Your Health: How Full Arch Dental Implants Can Enhance Your Life

full arch dental implants van nuys ca

When it comes to dental implants, the first thing many patients fixate on is the restored biting and chewing function. After struggling with eating common foods due to missing or failing teeth, it’s hard to blame someone for fixating on the ability to enjoy their favorite foods again. But the benefits of full arch dental implants extend beyond restored function. Full arch dental implants can enhance your life in many different ways. Take a look at some of the top ways full arch dental implants can elevate your life.

A Fuller Smile

Full arch dental implants to more for your smile than simply filling your mouth with teeth. They can also enhance the structure of your smile.

Natural teeth stimulate the jawbone whenever you bite and chew food. When those teeth are lost, and the stimulation along with it, the jawbones begin to deteriorate and the smile begins to sag. Because full arch dental implants mimic the roots of natural teeth, they can stimulate your jawbone and help regenerate lost bone. The result: full arch dental implants can rollback your smile to decades ago.

A Healthier Mouth

Often times, people hold on to the last of natural teeth, despite the fact that those remaining teeth are failing. Failing teeth are incubators for gum disease and they can negate much of your oral care efforts.

Removing failing teeth and replacing them with dental implants can make it much easier to maintain your mouth. Your brushing and flossing efforts will go further.

A Happier Mouth

Unlike conventional dentures, which are notoriously unstable, full arch dental implants will allow you to cut up food with your teeth. You won’t have to cut up and mash up your food to make it manageable enough to get through with dentures. Simply bite and chew your food the way you used to do and savor every bite.

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Why Sedation Is Often a Better Solution than General Anesthesia

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For those with general or dental anxieties, general anesthesia might seem like the simplest and best choice for getting through an upcoming dental procedure without having a panic or anxiety attack. However, there’s a safer and simpler solution: sedation dentistry. Sedation offers a number of benefits that can help you feel relaxed during your time in the dentist’s chair. Take a look at some of the top benefits of sedation dentistry and find out why it’s often the better option in a dental setting.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Here’s a high-level look at some of the top benefits of sedation dentistry:

Sense of well-being – sedation can slow your racing thoughts, help you remain calm and deliver a sense that all is well.

Settled in – anxiety can make it hard to sit still, especially for long periods of time. A sedative can make you feel much more comfortable sitting still for a long time.

Less active gag reflex – sedation can relax your gag reflex. For those with an overactive gag reflex, you’ll be less likely to feel nauseated as your dentist works in your mouth.

Why General Anesthesia Is Less Commonly Used

Sedation is much more common in dental settings than general anesthesia. While sedatives may make you sleep, you can be easily roused if you do so. With general anesthesia, you’ll have to wait until the medication wears off before you can be awakened.

Considering the short amount of time needed for many dental procedures, being asleep for hours simply isn’t worth it. In addition, there’s always an elevated risk when putting someone under general anesthesia.

The Value of Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is a powerful tool that can numb an area of the mouth, or the entire mouth. Its numbing effect doesn’t just block pain, it can also lower your anxiety if you get anxious about pain. Knowing that you won’t feel pain after receiving a dose of a local anesthetic can help you remain calm during your procedure.

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How Implant Supported Dentures Compare to Conventional Dentures

implant supported dentures north hills ca

Though they’re designed with the same goal in mind, conventional dentures and implant-supported dentures take very different approaches to achieve the goal: restored function and aesthetics. With implant-supported dentures, you’ll feel more confident in biting and chewing food, as well as more confidence in your smile. Take a look at what sets conventional and implant-supported dentures apart and get a better idea about which solution will suit you best.

How They’re Different

They’re both styles of dentures, but the primary distinction between implant-supported dentures and conventional dentures is the way they achieve stability. Conventional dentures are held in place by dental adhesives, suction and metal frames. Implant-supported dentures rely on dental implants – clasps at the base of the dentures snap onto the implants.

To better understand how implants hold dentures in place, take a high-level look at how dental implants work:

The implant post – shaped like a screw, this component is inserted into the jawbone in a similar fashion to how the roots of teeth embed themselves in the jawbones.

The abutment – this component serves as a connector, attached to the implant post and sitting above the gum line

The restoration – the restoration for implant-supported dentures in the set of dentures. Other restorations could be dental crowns, dental bridges or other specialized dentures.

The Benefits of Conventional and Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are much more stable than conventional dentures, due to the support of the implants. The implants help translate more of the jaws’ force into biting and chewing function, meaning you can easily chew through foods that might give you trouble if you were wearing conventional dentures.

Conventional dentures aren’t without their benefits. They’re more affordable than implant-supported dentures. And while it could take you the better part of a year to get implant-supported dentures, you can get conventional dentures in a matter of weeks – same day service is available in some cases.

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Take a minute to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about your options for conventional dentures and implant-supported dentures in North Hills, CA. 

Get a Boost of Confidence with a Snap-on Smile

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For many people, their healthy teeth don’t look like what most people expect healthy teeth to look like. Discoloration, missing teeth, alignment issues and other problems can plaque otherwise healthy teeth. But what if you could solve cosmetic dental issues in a snap, literally? With Snap-On Smile, you can do just that. Take a look at how Snap-On Smile works and find out what issues it can address.

How It Works

Similar to how porcelain veneers, thin sheets of porcelain, are used to cover up imperfections with induvial teeth, Snap-On Smiles cover up entire rows of teeth with thin, tooth-colored resin.

The prosthetic teeth are thin and are made up of a resin blend. They can be used to cover up an entire top row of teeth, a bottom row or all of your teeth. Simply snap-on a row or set to instantly elevate your smile.

When you’re ready to get your Snap-On Smile, you’ll select the hue of your new teeth from palette of natural tooth colors. Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and will send off your impressions to have your Snap-On Smile fabricated.

The Issues It Addresses

Like veneers, Snap-On Smiles can hide a range of imperfections on teeth, including:

·         Discoloration – yellowed teeth or teeth stained by coffee and the like can be hidden by Snap-On Smiles, making your smile look perfectly white

·         Gaps and missing teeth – they can hide gaps and cover up missing teeth

·         Chips and Cracked teeth – like discoloration, chips and cracks can be hidden away under your new smile

·         Alignment issues – they can be used to cover up mild to moderate alignment issues, such as crossbites, underbites, overbites and more


Consider porcelain veneers if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, especially if you just want to cover up imperfections of just a few teeth.

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What Can I Expect from Having a Root Canal Done?

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It’s one of the more common procedures offered in dental offices, yet it’s still one of the misunderstood. When some people think of root canals, the first thing that comes to mind and the thing that often gets overlooked is the procedure’s ability to save teeth. Look past the misconception and get a closer look at how this restorative procedure saves teeth, how it’s performed and why you shouldn’t dread having one done.

No Pain, Plenty to Gain

Without medication, a root canal could be a painful procedure. Yet, not all root canals require pain-relieving medicine. In cases in which the nerves inside the tooth have all died, you could get through the procedure without anesthesia. However, local anesthesia is the key to ensuring that you feel no discomfort during your root canal procedure.

Still feeling anxious about your procedure? Ask your dentist about sedation dentistry, which can help you feel calm and can give you a greater sense of well-being during your time in the dentist’s chair.

The Procedure: Getting to the Root of the Problem

The purpose of a root canal is to stop an infection that’s decaying a tooth and to ultimately prevent the tooth from falling out.

At the start of your root canal, your dentist or hygienist will prep the area by cleaning and drying the tooth. From there, a thin sheet of rubber known as a dental dam will be placed around the tooth to isolate it.

The dentist will use a thin drill bit to access the center of the tooth, known as the pulp, where the nerves and other soft tissue lie. They’ll drill through the cavity already created in the tooth by the infection.

With access to the pulp established, the dentist will clean out decaying material. From there, the dentist will pour in a filler to fill the hollow inside the tooth and to encase the remaining healthy tissue inside the tooth. The repaired tooth will then be sealed.

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Treating a Gummy Smile with Laser Soft Tissue Treatment

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The overgrowth of gum tissue can cover up teeth and, for the shy, it can make them want to cover up their smile. A “gummy smile” can make teeth look stubby and the smile look asymmetrical. Not only can gum overgrowth hurt the aesthetics of your smile, it could also pose a risk to the health of your teeth and gums. However, there’s a lot an experienced dentist can do to treat your gummy smile. Find out how a dentist can enhance your smile with laser soft tissue treatment.

The Benefits of Laser Soft Tissue Treatment

To remove gum overgrowth, there’s the conventional route that entails using a scalpel and then there’s the alternative – which leverages dental lasers. While conventional soft tissue treatment with a scalpel may be needed for the most severe of cases, there are a number of benefits of opting to have the procedure done with a laser.

Here’s an overview of the benefits of using dental lasers to treat gum overgrowth:

·         Less bleeding occurs

·         Shorter healing period

·         No need for sutures

·         No need for an appointment to remove sutures

·         Efficient and accurate

Gingivectomy (Functional)

Gum disease can make gum overgrowth worse, causing pain, bleeding, inflammation and several other problems. As gum disease advances, it creates pockets of bacteria between the teeth and the gums. For these cases, a dentist is likely to recommend a gingivectomy. In cases such as these, there are two goals: remove the overgrowth and reduce the depth of the bacterial pockets.

Gingivoplasty (Cosmetic)

If you’ve kept gum disease at bay, and haven’t formed pockets of space between your teeth and gums, your dentist may recommend a cosmetic gingivoplasty. While a gingivectomy focuses on removing decaying gum tissue, a gingivoplasty focuses only on removing excessive gum tissue and recontouring it. The latter may be done after the former, if cosmetic enhancements are needed after a gingivectomy.

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Why People Who Need Dentures Shouldn’t Delay

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There’s still this stigma that dentures just can’t seem to shake. If you’ve heard all of the common complaints about dentures, as most people have, then you’re probably a bit hesitant to get them if you need them. And with the success stories about dental implants continuing to swell, it can be easy to put off dentures or to look beyond them for something else.

Whether you plan to get dental implants soon or you haven’t considered them at all, there are some good reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate the value conventional dentures can deliver to those with missing or failing teeth. Take a look at some of the top reasons you shouldn’t overlook dentures.

Restored or Improved Function

Living life missing most or all of your teeth can eat away at your quality of life by limiting the things you can eat and making it harder to feel confident in smiling. Though far from perfect, dentures solve both issues. With dentures, you’ll regain or gain improved biting and chewing function, and you’ll likely get a confidence boost from again having a full smile.

A Healthier Mouth

Holding on to failing, decaying teeth can make it increasingly more difficult to keep up with your oral hygiene. Decaying teeth are incubators for bacteria and the onslaught of gum disease won’t stop as long as bacteria still have safe harbor in failing teeth.

If you’re holding on to failing teeth, your dentist or prosthodontics will almost certainly recommend upgrading to dental implants and going with dentures at a minimum.

They’re Affordable

There’s no contest. Dental implants are the top option for replacing missing or failing teeth. Yet, dentures are the next best thing. And what they may lack in stability at times, they make up in affordability.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. For those who aren’t, there’s no better option than conventional dentures.

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Tips for Finding the Right Dentist to Place Your Dental Implants

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It can be tempting to want to take the plunge head-first and getting dental implants as soon as you’ve made your mind up about getting them. But as a decision that you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life, you’ll want to make sure you’re completely happy with your dental implants. To ensure that your journey to dental implants is a complete success and you’re happy with your restorations, you’ll need to start on the right foot by choosing the dentist. Take at a look at some of the top things you’ll need to look for in choosing a dentist to place your full arch dental implants. 

One: Experience

It may be your first time getting dental implants, but you probably don’t want it to be your dentist’s first time as well. Go with a dentist with a proven track record in successfully placing dental implants, a dentist with lots of success stories, testimonials and cases studies to back up their work.

Two: Treatment Options

Don’t settle. Find out about all of the options for dental implants from a prospective dentist. Most dentists will offer a limited set of options for dental implants. So the best treatment options for your budget and needs likely won’t be offered at every dentist’s office near you.

Three: Payment Options

Once you’re confident in your prospective dentist’s experience and are satisfied with your treatment options, review the payment options to make sure you can fit comfortably into your budget. Make sure your insurance is accepted, ask about in-office financing options and find out what third-party dental financing is accepted.

Four: Location

Make sure you can comfortably make several visits to your dentist’s office for about a year. That’s about how long it’ll take to go through your exams, implant placement and post-op checkups.

Dental Implants in North Hills, CA

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Top Things to Know About Invisalign

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For those who put off orthodontic treatment due to a fear of having to wear braces, Invisalign® invisible aligners are a game-changer. Because they’re clear, they’re discreet – you can wear them without people noticing them. But as flexible as the Invisalign system is, there are some unbending guidelines you’ll need to stick to in order for your treatment to be a success. Take a look at some of the top things you need to know about Invisalign.

You’ll Have to Stay the Course

You can take out your invisible aligner trays whenever you want to, which can pose a tremendous amount of temptation to leave them out longer than you should. You’ll at least need to wear your aligner trays for 20 hours out of each day, though 22 hours is often recommended.

You’ll Have to Get Used to Them

It’ll take you a few weeks to get used to wearing them. There will be slight discomfort during the early days and you’ll have to adjust your speech to speak clearly while wearing your aligner trays. However, you’ll undoubtedly get used to speaking with your aligner trays in and the initial discomfort will fade.

You’ll Have to Keep Up with Your Oral Hygiene

After every meal and each staining beverage, you’ll need to brush and rinse your mouth before replacing your aligner trays. Failing to clean leftover food and drink from your teeth can dirty your aligner trays and encourage the growth of bacteria inside them, leading to or worsening gum disease.

You’ll Have to Steer Around Certain Foods and Drink

Hot food and drink can warp your aligner trays, so you’ll need to take the trays out before consuming hot items. They’re also prone to staining, so you’ll need to pull them out before eating or drinking something that could stain them.

You’ll Be Happy with the Results

Invisalign works fast and efficiently, even faster and more than braces in for some people. Though it takes some getting used to, there’s a strong chance you’ll know and believe that it was all worth it when your treatment is done.

More on Invisalign in Van Nuys, CA

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Top Four Things to Check Before Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

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We retain much more in our younger years, so it makes sense to build good habits when we’re young. Pediatric dentistry offers a way to start your children out with strong dental practice that can help them keep their teeth healthier and keep them longer. Introducing your child to a dentist at an early age also helps get comfortable in a dental setting and helps them avoid dental anxieties. Check out these reasons and more to find out the top things you need to cover before choosing a pediatric dentist.

One: Licensed and Certified

Start with the obvious. Make sure your prospective pediatric dentist is fully licensed and certified by the American Dental Association. In addition, you’ll also want to ensure that your prospective dentist has obtained additional training in a pediatric specialty.

Two: Child-Friendly Environment

Inspect the office. Look for signs that your child will be comfortable during appointments with the pediatric dentist. Look for bright colors and delightful distractions for your child: children’s programming, toys, video games, imaginative decorations and more.

Look at other child patients in the office to get an idea of the type of care your child will receive.

Three: Preventive Care

Be sure to check out the treatments offered and to ask questions about the preventive care the dental office offers and advocates. At this stage, you and your child have an invaluable opportunity to catch problems before they balloon and to build strong habits for keeping their teeth healthy.

Four: Convenience

Make sure your prospective pediatric dentist’s office is convenient to ensure that care isn’t compromised by inconvenience. Beyond location, be sure to check the hours of operations and to ask about how flexible the office is setting appointments.

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